Thursday, December 31, 2009

Blue moon ...

A fun and silly New Year's project for Catamara's Blue Moon New Years Party ... behold, the 36" in diameter glowing blue moon prop.

Behold ... the monster blue ball ... err ... I mean moon ... if only I had made two of them ;-)

Started with a 36" diameter balloon from Display & Costume, and gooped tissue paper and paper towel on it with "Sculpt or Coat" (about 4-5 layers of the paper/coating).

The lighting is 3 DMX RGB LED fixtures (not in DMX mode for deployment this time around), but allows the colors to be changed etc.

I could have used less had I done this project the way I intended, which was to put the light inside the moon, but it hasn't had time enough to dry and/or enough coatings to make it stiff enough to survive well without the balloon still in it and inflated. That is the ultimate plan if I decide to keep it ... which I need to do soon ... before the balloon deflates much more (or try to inflate a new one inside the shell).

This is the same technique I used for my glowing giant spider eggs (smaller balloons), and maybe this blue moon will return as an uber giant spider egg.

It might also make a great BM fishing lure on a death machine art car, kind of like the deep sea fish with the glowing bulbs on the end of the strange protrusion .... yes ... lure those little X sucking ravers into deadly jaws with a huge glowing treat!

Anyways ... I have said more on this subject than it really demands. Happy New Years!

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